PARTY WATCH is a weekly intelligence report delivered every Monday morning focusing on the latest activities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Firmly based on Chinese language sources that are directly controlled by the CCP and organizations directly subordinate to the CCP, Party Watch endeavors to provide a broad overview of China and the world through the lens of the country’s most powerful institution. It also offers context and original analysis to help those that want to dig deeper. 

Under the direction of China specialist David Gitter, Party Watch researchers monitor an array of webpages including those controlled by: leading small groups, the four central departments, CCP news outlets, research and archive centers, cadre resources, journals, Party schools and training academies, trade unions and professional associations, and many other organizations. Special attention is given to topics that are underreported by traditional media and think tank outlets. The result is a unique yet important angle that supplements the reader’s understanding of China.

*If you do not receive the Party Watch report on Monday morning, please check your spam and "promotion" folders. If you do find it there, please mark as "not spam" or remove the "promotions" tag (services other than google might have a similarly-worded options). Please contact Dave if you have any issue at*
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